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 Contact person:

 Gabriella Feola


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 Mandate of the Laboratory:

 Quality Assessment and Environmental Control Service

 Role in the farm-to-fork chain:

 Monitoring quality of water, air, soil. Control of industrial
 effluents and industrial solid wastes. Provide environmental data
 to support control measures both in urban and rural areas.
 Support to the Unit of "Rural Montevideo, in charge of the
 development of the agricultural area of Montevideo.

 National Reference Laboratory:

 Yes. The country is divided in 19 Departments each one with a 
 department Government. Our laboratories are the reference at the
 level of the Government of Montevideo.

 Type of contaminants analysed:

 General physicochemical parameters, heavy metals,
 microbiological indicators, bioassays, inmunoassays, bioindicators.
 Physicochemical analysis: Dissolved Oxygen, BOD, pH, sulfide, oil
 and grease, solids, conductivity, salinity, chlorophyll a.
 Nutrients (N total , P total , Nitrates, Fosfates, Ammonia)
 Cyanobacterial toxins: Microcystins
 Bacteriological indicators: total and fecal coliforms, enterococci,
 Metals: Cd, Cr, Pb.
 Bioassays: Global toxicity
 Daphnia magna (Acute and Chronic assays), Selenastrum
 capricornutum (Chronic assay).
 Acute assays: Vibrio fischeri, Hydra attenuata, Lactuca sativa,
 Allium sp, Cnesterodon descenmaculatus, Hyalella curvispina,
 Cnesterodon descenmaculatos.
 Particulate matter: (PTS P10, PM2,5), Sulfur oxides: SO2. 
 Nitrogen oxides: NO2.

 Matrices analysed:

 Water (surface and groundwater), sediments, soils, air, industrial
 effluents, sludge.

 Combination matrices and contaminants

 Surface water: Physicochemical analysis, nutrients, bioassays, 
 cyanobacterial toxins, bacteriological indicators, metals.
 Groundwater. Physicochemical analysis, metals, microbiological
 Sediments: heavy metals and bioassays (porewater). 
 Soil: heavy metals, bioassays. 
 Air: Particulate matter, Sulfur oxides; Nitrogen oxides.

 Description of validated method used:

 Nitrates and microcystins in waters.
 Total Phosphorous ammonia, metals in industrial effluents.

 Laboratory accredited according to 


 Provision of interpretation of residue 
 data to customers:


 Laboratory certified according to :

 ISO 9001:2008

 Is laboratory available for research and
 development (R@D) within RALACA
 when funding becomes available?


 Is the laboratory available for quality
 auditing services within RALACA when
 funding becomes available?


 Is the laboratory available for expert
 missions within RALACA when funding
 becomes available?


 Is the laboratory available for ad hoc on-
 site training when funding becomes


 Is the laboratory available for ad hoc
 remote/distance learning training when
 technology and funding becomes


 Is the laboratory available for
 preparation of ad hoc reference
 materials when projects/funding
 becomes available?


 Is the laboratory available for
 organization and distribution of ad hoc
 proficiency testing/collaborative trials
 when projects/funding becomes


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