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Pesticide Impact Rating Index (PIRI) is a risk indicator for assessing the potential of off-
site migration of pesticides and impact water quality and ecosystem health. A Spanish
version of the freely available PIRI has just been released which evaluates the potential
pollution risk of pesticides to surface and ground waters. This evaluation is based on
different landuses in an area or different pesticides used in any crop production system by
incorporating the properties of pesticides, their application rates as well as site and weather
conditions. PIRI can be particularly useful for the following purposes:

 To compare the pollution potential of different pesticides within a crop

production system

 To identify chemicals that should be included in water quality monitoring


 To identify chemicals that need to be replaced with more environmentally

friendly pesticides, if possible.


To communicate and educate people about the risk associated with pesticides.
The Spanish and English versionafter registering your interest: of PIRI can be downloaded free of charge from the web,

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