Center of Research and Analysis of Residue and Contaminants (CEPARC)

 Contact person in the laboratory

 Ionara Regina Pizzutti

 Email of contact person

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Type of contaminants analysed:

 Mainly Pesticides and Mycotoxins

 Matrices analysed:

 Food: Fruits; vegetables; grains as soya, rice, wheat, corn; wine;   juice; coffee; cocoa; processed food and so on.
 Environmental: river and drinking water; soil; biobeds and so on.

 Description of validated method used:

 1) QuEChERS (multiresidue method for LC and GC pesticide analysis)
 2) Dutch mini LUKE (multiresidue method for LC and GC pesticide           analysis)
 3) Modified QuEChERS (multiclass method for mycotoxin analysis)
 4) Single method to Patulin analysis
 5) Single residue method to dithiocarbamate analysis
 6) Single residue method to diquat and paraquat analysis

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