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Red Analitica de Latino America y el Caribe (RALACA).





The present Network will be identified under the name Red Analitica de Latino America y el Caribe (RALACA).


RALACA is a non-profit Network that brings together analytical laboratories to enhance regional capabilities to target food safety and environmental sustainability. Information sharing is key to enhancing regional opportunities.




RALACA will have the mission of promoting food safety and environmental sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbeans. To protect the health of the consumers, facilitate trade and ensure a sustainable environment it is essential to strengthen the capacity of analytical laboratories and promote efficient communication channels and share information.




RALACA will have the following objectives:


1. Strengthen the technical capabilities of the laboratories in the region.

2. Promote scientific cooperation in the region among the countries involved in the Network.


RALACA will have the specific objectives:

1. Develop a web platform to share information among members.

2. Dissemination of information on food and environmental contamination:  

    compilation of quality data to support national governments in targeting risk assessment and risk    


3. Promote the implementation of quality management systems in RALACA   laboratories.

4. Facilitate the availability of reference materials and the participation in inter-   laboratory tests.

5. Facilitate the response of laboratories to regional emerging food and environmental risks and  


6. Organize and promote training programme and continuous education through   preparation of         

    eLearning modules, thematic seminars, meetings, internships in advanced laboratories, training  

    workshops and training courses on site and   distance learning platforms.

7. Promote the integration of RALACA laboratories into national food safety   programmes and national

    environmental sustainability programmes.


A step by step systematic planning will be established by the Board to reach all specific objectives and to bring uniformity of capacity building into participating RALACA laboratories.




RALACA will be composed of analytical laboratories belonging to the Latin America and the Caribbean region with the exception of the laboratories belonging to the Joint FAO/IAEA Division.


Additional members are analytical laboratories from other regions in the world that have demonstrated technical excellence and can contribute with an advisory role. Also other Institutions that do not have a direct analytical work, but are related to the food control system in the member countries can be incorporated as members in RALACA.


The incorporation of the countries into RALACA is voluntary. Agreement to participate in any activity commits the Laboratories and the Institutions to comply with the relevant programme.

The continuance in RALACA will be condition to the active participation in its programs.


Organizational Structure:


RALACA organization structure is conformed by:

1. The Board

2. The Committes

3. The Advisory group


RALACA is governed by a Board of four (4) members, which are in charge for a period of two years. The overall supervision of RALACA is by the board members affiliated with the FAO or IAEA. The other members will belong to RALACA affiliated laboratories.


The Board will decide on the number and the areas for Working Committees. The Affiliated laboratories will be able to join existing working committees. Working committees are established by the board based on country needs and trends in the analytical community.


RALACA will have an Advisory group formed by competent and recognised laboratories, chosen by the Board.


The decisions:


The decisions will be made by simple majority of the board members, and in case of non-resolved issues the advisory group will have right to one vote totalling 5 votes.




RALACA activities shall be solely funded through


1. Resources from member countries

2. Technical cooperation funds from international organizations and non-governmental organizations.

3. Funds from donor organizations which will be formalized by means of agreements



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